Where Am I?

OK. Here we go. After being out and gladly away from Bloogle, wait, Glogger, no... Blogger, for the past 6 years or so, I'm back to give it another try. I left when Google took over the Blogger platform and absolutely destroyed how it worked.

I tried a Wordpress blog for a few years, but found the number of files needed to run php overly bloated. Plus, trying to adjust how it looked visually was a pain. Mind you, Blogger ain't no better...

I wish there was a blog I could integrate directly into my web page. And no, I do NOT want a Wordpress or Joomla website. Not with the issues I had trying to maintain a simple blog. 

Oh well, I guess this is where I am. In the middle of no wheres. Time will tell...

Keep The Faith*

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