A New Year

and I'm already tired of it all. Silly me, tho', because my tiredness is from stuff carried over from 2016. Things that were unfinished, stuff that still needed to be done, junk as yet unresolved. I'm working on it, but good golly gosh, sometimes it seems over-whelming.

I volunteered to get my local NA website transferred to a new host, with all the bells and whistles in perfect working order. Nearly six weeks later, after an amazing amount of road blocks, learning curves and just plain old frustration, it appears to be done. I'm still being informed of hiccups, but nothing that might induce projectile vomiting.

 There's my own personal website. I'm working on the biggest re-do of it in the 16+ years of its existence. Much is unchanged, a few added or deleted words here & there, new photos added and old ones removed. The biggest aspect is the over-all look & feel of the thing. I love how it looks... don't know how it feels since I'm kinda numb right now. The tiring thing is transferring info from one spot to another in creating each page. I am getting there, just need to step back for a while.

And then there is that amazing thing called Life! With the above in the mix, life is just blindsiding me left and left. I hope it doesn't decide to toss in a right! From my dad (don't ask!), to the dingo who lives above me, from winter & cold (at least the days are getting longer - oh so slowly!) to, well, sometimes I think I'd like to go fishing. Or bug out on a stealth camp. Or just go on vacay.

Ah well, Life is still gooder than I have seen at times in my past. I'm still alive, even tho' those years still keep zipping by! I'm still Clean (not sober!), even tho' there have been thoughts of ending that aspect of life. Not worth it, as my Fellowship teaches me almost daily. No, all in all, Life is Good!

And there's my rant de jour. Always and forever, it is good to get it out onto paper, or jumblated pixels, as the case may be.

Keep The Faith*

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