Well Now

Indeed. Well, now. Not exactly "well", but alive. Still clean. I bought my pack of smokes and enjoyed smoking again. Oh well... well, now...

 I got my sorry ass to a meeting tonight. A meeting I haven't been to in like, forever. I saw a few folks I knew, and knew well. Many that I didn't know, and one who I haven't seen since, like, forever. Amazing.

 I opened my mouth and talked about the shit I've been going thru. I had a couple of my friends come to me after and told me about this, that and something else. They shared their own life experiences similar to mine and...

 I found some hope. Not much, but enough to get me thru 'til tomorrow. And there is always a meeting tomorrow. With everything going on in my life today, I realized that if I don't take care of ME, take care of my Recovery, I won't be of much use to anyone, let alone moi.

 Ah, the power of an NA meeting! The strength of having fellow addicts to talk with! Recovery. It can work, if I let it!

Keep The Faith*

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