This Is My Recovery

Doesn't look pretty, but after I looked at this and realized what it represented...,

This was the lock box we bought to contain the key to my Home Group's facility. Unfortunately snow, freezing temps and ICE sealed the thing better than epoxy glue mixed with cement.

I had brought along a pair of pliers last week to try to get the thing open, put it refused. Another member tried and failed. Then he did what I had felt like doing and pounded the fuck out of it until the box gave up its prize.

And the title of this entry? Well, as I sat looking at this mangled piece of plastic & metal, I started to think about how I needed to really buckle down and work my recovery. This lock box, in its busted state, told me how I need to go about getting my recovery path back on track.

I can't be subtle. I can't be cerebral, or philosophical, or even spiritual, kinda... If need be, I gotta pound the fuck out of my recovery to get to that prize inside. Some serenity, some peace, and with luck, just a wee bit o' sanity back into my life.

So, there you have it. A banged up key lock box representing what I might need to do for my recovery. Heck, it could even be a visual example of how I feel about my life today! Kinda beat up and knocked around, but inside there is that bit of Hope......

Keep The Faith*

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