I have that little warning when you come to the Robb Blog about "adult content" blahblah. Well, in the interest of trying to tone down my cursing, the title of this rant has been... well, toned down. What I really want to say is MOTHER-F#%@ER!!!

I've been having issues with diabetic neuropathy pains for the past few months. I guess that is an excellent indicator of how poorly I've been tending this disease of mine over that period. Much like I've ignored my recovery during the same time. I can go a few weeks with nary a pain peep, and then spend a week of nightly wtf pain.

Tonight's battle (today's??) has been particularly excruciating. My normal go-to pain management, first a liberal slathering of Voltaren (tm) then either a single naproxen sodium 220mg or an ibuprofen 400mg (I tried the ibuprofen tonight), has failed miserably.  

For instance, it took me more than 20 minutes to get the previous paragraph typed because of the continuous leg & foot cramps & stabbing pain I've been getting. I need to get up and walk a bit to reduce it all. As far as sleep is concerned, well, I can walk but once I lie down, I can feel that fucking cramp sneaking in and BOOM!!

I am SO mofo tired right now. I just want to sleep. My blood sugars are OK (8.1 mmols). But, fuck fuck fuck fuck, etc and so on, my lower legs, mostly my left tonight, are driving me insane. I'd go take a hot bubble bath, a sometimes help, but I don't want to try to get out of a bath tub quickly. Especially with how my right knee feels somewhat locked after resting on it for far too long today trying to solve the leak mystery... yeah, and that is a WHOLE nuther story...

OK. I just had 15 minutes of relative pain free typing. I can still feel the odd tingle here & there, and that only means this fucking ailment is just biding its time, waiting for me to sack out before it comes roaring back.

I dunno. Maybe I just shoulda stayed home today, judging by the insanity I faced throughout. Happy clean date, Robb! Ya stumbled thru another year! And if yesterday is any indication of things to come... just go look at the title again......

Keep The Faith*

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