Sleepless In...

Well, Ottawa, eh. 

After a long and very busy day emptying out my dad's house today (yesterday, actually), I suppose all that physical stimulation has turned itself into mental distraction.

In keeping with years of repeating myself, once again I am faced with a brain that wants to zip all over the place. Meditation techniques I have learned, mental exercises to calm the mind, just don't want to work. My soothing ambience sounds and wave generator on my iPoop aren't working, either. And the 6 (SIX!) mg of melatonin haven't fazed me a bit.

Here I be, at 01.30 hrs, typing away on my new compact Logitech keyboard, waiting for sleepiness to come round. I made some crackers & butter (I know. Eating ain't a good idea), made a cuppa tea (Shut up. I know!!) and plan to watch a wee bit of Netflix. Maybe if I tune into their newest brainchild, Netflix Live, that will bore the wakefulness out of me. - Imagine watching a toaster toast a couple of slices of bread while Will Arnett narrates the scene. BoRiNg!!! -

Keep The Faith*

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