I Must Be Insane!

I must be. Either that, or I have developed multiple personalities. Either way, this scares the crap outa me!

I got up this morning, yawned, and realized that I didn't have my dentures in. Thinking that I just put them in a soak the night before, I went into the bathroom. Nope. All my stuff for dentures were untouched. WTF??!!

I began a search. Bedroom, kitchen, living room, hallway, I even looked out on the balcony. I searched containers, the garbage, the fridge & freezer... I was getting concerned.

Heard my iPoop beep with an incoming email, so I checked it. There was an email from Facebook saying they were sorry I couldn't sign in and blahblahblah. I figured a spam attempt, although it did actually come in on my FB registered account. So, I went into my FB page.

There I discovered a whole bunch of Likes and Loves for a post I did near midnight last night. I don't remember making a post at that time. Heck, I went to bed at 23.30 hrs after watching Dr. Strange on Netflix (a great movie, btw). The post was a rather melancholy piece about my kids and what they mean to me. Again, WTF??!!

Here I am, missing my dentures and discovering an FB post I don't remember making. Then, I began noticing things out of place in my living room. Shelves and tables moved. My audio equipment out of place. Bits & pieces just not right.

I rolled my coffee table back in place. Lo and behold, there are my dentures sitting on the floor! A little dried out, but looking no worse for the wear. I checked them over for any damage and found none. Off to the bathroom to give them a bath & cleaning, and back into my mouth.

Yadda yadda. Last night / early this morning, I got myself out of bed, made a post on FB, removed my dentures and put or dropped them on the floor, and generally made a mess of my living room --- which is saying a lot, considering the state it was already in! --- And I do not remember doing ANY of it!!

Thus, I am, or have gone, insane. I have developed some type of split personality. Or, I am simply bat-shit crazy! In any event, this scares the fuck out of me!

Keep The Faith*

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