The Pain

Ah yes, the pain. I suppose a good way to look at it is I am up at 07:00 hrs, instead of sleeping in 'til 10:00 or so. 

And what am I talking about? The Pain. The pain of peripheral neuropathy (see 2017/07/14). I got smacked once more with these fucking foot and shin pains overnight. Sharp, burning pain. Fortunately (??!!), only in my left leg this time around. Still, it was enough to force my sorry ass out of bed 4 times this morning, starting around 02:00 hrs.

And now. I gave up. I figure "Why bother?" If I go back to bed, I'm up again at 08:00 to take my insulin and for damn sure, I'd be up again sometime after that, screaming & cursing. Might as well stay up now.

I had joined a Facebook group called "Neuropathy: The Silent Warriors" because I felt a kinship with others out there who were going thru the same thing as this old soul. Unfortunately (!!??), I am just not bad enough for that group. Everyone who posted there had (more or less) neuropathy pain that was (more or less) constant. And pretty well all over the body, but focused a lot on the feet and legs.

There was much discussion on this treatment and that, this drug and the other drug. Then, I started to get PMs from folk asking why I was there, since my pains are not constant, occur once in a while and only in my lower shins & feet, have my bouts mainly at night, and I do nothing more than get out to "walk it off". Besides, there was far too much talk about narcotic pain killers like fentanyl for my taste & sanity. So, I left the group.

I initially felt a part of this group, trying to throw my experience into the mix. But, I just wasn't up to snuff, I guess. I left. And less than a week later, I'm facing the very reason I joined that thing. The Pain. But, I suppose I will become a Silent Warrior once more, separate, apart from.

Meh. Been there. Done that. Sold the T-shirt to buy cigarettes. Besides, this isn't anything new. I've gone thru this shit before and will do it again in the near future. I have learned to live with it, so to speak. I'd be fucked if I had to go to a job after a night like last. Non-functional, hm? Oh well, it's Saturday. The weekend is here. yay.

Keep The Faith*

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