This Is New!

Sort of. Not really new, but absent for quite some time. That recurring thing of mine, the Pain. But, now it is affecting me thru cramping. In both my lower legs and feet. I haven't had cramping since... I can't remember. 6 or 7 months, at least

Bugger of it all is that I am just so fucking tired right now. I had a long service stint today. I was up very late last night due to - u guessed it!! - neuropathy pain AND that hamster wheel mind of mine. I mean, Dang!

Tired. In bed and comfortable. Ready to... and my leg starts to twitch. Then the other one. Then both feet. And then... And Then... Boom! I get a massive cramp in my right leg that rocketed me out of bed and down to my knees because I couldn't stand up. FAHK!!!

I finally got to walk it off, took two 400 mg ibuprofen (double my usual dose for this shit) and now I sit typing away, aware of the tingle in both my ankles. That means my issue has not gone and if I go back to bed right now, well, not a good idea.

I wish there was some indicator of when this sort of thing is going to occur. Something like high blood sugar (or low), too much "exercise" (read: walking), too little exercise, etc etc etc. I had major issues most of the day today with my low BP, dizziness and feeling light-headed, especially after standing up from a bend. But, I have recorded everything I could think of during the days when this has happened and discovered no common factors anywhere.

I was talking to someone today who knows my pain issues and it was "suggested" that I maybe kinda sorta look into some type of marijuana derivative to help with this. With the endless talk of CBD medication on an FB page for sufferers of peripheral neuropathy, leaving out the blah blah about opiods and opiates and fentanyl and fucking drugs drugs drugs, well, I'm pissed at taking ibuprofen, so...

Yadda. Well, my legs and feet are no longer a-tingle. I don't know if that's because I'm sitting and some blood flow is getting to those lower extremities or simply because I'm distracted by thinking and typing. Ah dunno. Ah jus dunno. To bed. To sleep. Perchance to.......

Keep The Faith*
Update (03:10 hrs)

And the beat goes on...
My left foot cramped on me, so much that it took 5+ minutes of painful walking to get rid of it. Another thing was my blood sugars, which registered at 2.9 mmol. WTF is going on?? oh right... the beat...

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