Inspired Desire

Truly. I spoke at my home group last month (And WOW Again!). At that time I was inspired. By what I said, by what I felt and by what folks said to me afterward. Tonight, again at my home group, I heard another speaker who touched off a fire in me.

I've known this member for a long time. I've heard the ESH before. Yet... Still! I was inspired!! By the words, by the honesty behind them, by the things I hadn't known before. Sometimes, I think that I've heard it all before. And then, like tonight, I am given that wonderful gift I can only find in active recovery.


This is why I keep coming back. So I can be shown HOW this recovery process works and WHY it can also work for me. After all my time in this journey of recovery, there is always something more for me to learn. If, and ONLY if, I am willing to hear the message so freely and openly offered to me by the friends I have and other members in my Fellowship.

In case you are wondering about what I am prattling on about, just scroll to the top of this page and click on Robb's Place. That will save me some time going thru an extensive this about that and the other thing. Recovery Can Work! But only if I  work it!!

Keep The Faith*

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