Technology: Sucks, Doesn't it?

OK. 4 days later, my living room looks worse than it did when I started re-arranging it all. The biggest difference is now I am facing a different wall to watch TV and grumble on Facebook.

My plasma TV sucks as a computer monitor.
To the point where I may just set my old 42" monitor back up
& have two big ass screens to frell with. Which means a whole new round of tearing things apart just to rebuild it all.

My cable fed Internet is driving me frelling nuts! I spent hours switching between the 8 different ethernet cables I have, plus a multitude of plugging & unplugging the modem and router, just to get the two of them to just talk to each other. - Glad I'm not a marriage counselor! - Got it to work for my iPoop. Connected my computer up, and nada. Got it to work on my computer & iPoop. Connected my Blu-Ray, and nada, plus, the pad went down. Computer, by gosh works!

Then, blahblahblah, Tried to connect my VoIP phone, and nada. And the pad is still down. The Blu-Ray works, so does the computer (or I wouldn't be here right now!) WTF??!!

So. What to do. The intent of all this was to:
1 - Clean up my LR in a possible acquisition of a cat.
2 - Dispose of my 42" monitor & get the 42" plasma going.
3 - Get my beautiful dragon print on the wall (2 years later)
4 - Set a dedicated corner for my rock & dragon collection.
5 - Finally remove the thoughts of, "Gee, I really should do this!" out of my head.

And now, I sit with a cuppa java in front of me, screaming heavy metal blasting out (Dream Evil, oh yeah!), furiously keyboarding this blog
and the utter & complete desire to say Frak It ALL!! Oh well, I've got Lone Survivor on the Blu-Ray (I do NOT wanna try Netflix at this point!). Time to take a mindless break from all this fuckedness. I'll get this all together later.
Like, maybe in 2018...

Keep The Faith*

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