Simple Things

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine. He called as part of his regular ritual of talking to folks on a regular basis, on the phone, at least. That is something that do not do, on a regular basis or not.

His call was an absolute highlight of my day! And it's only 10:15 hrs right now, so that says a lot! We jabbered about this, that and, of course, the other thing. We laughed a bunch and that really made today a much more bearable thing than what it was since 06:00 when I got up.

What? Simple things?? I titled this as such because I told him that many of things that I don't want to do or find them tedious or boring, once done, are not as bad as I thought them to be. He said his routine, sometimes, seem to be a bit too much. Yet, his talk with me was such fun and insightful (for me too!!) that it just showed that sometimes the tough things are actually quite simple.

It truly made me think about my own "aversion" to making a phone call, to anyone. I'm happy with emails or an IM (I do NOT  do texts!!!), but this simple phone call I got today reminded me that sometimes when I do something I just do not want to do is a good thing. 

Like a lot that I have learned in recovery, if I am given a suggestion, give it a try. If it works, great! If it doesn't, well, at least I tried. Today's phone call was a great example of that.

Do keep in mind, tho', I am probably not going to be picking up that 3.7 kg phone any time soon, at least not on some sort of regular basis. Sometimes you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Even when you whack him over the head with it! 
🔨 📞 😲

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