The End of Days

No, no, not really. I'm just poking fun at the doomsdayers out in web land. Yes, I am talking about the coronavirus pandemic, COVID19.

Almost all local meetings have been put on hold for the next few weeks, mostly thru the city closing their facilities. Meetings held in churches and the like have closed, also.

I find it to be a major knee-jerk reaction by higher up powers. To shut everything down, tell people to avoid outside contact, isolate, Isolate ISOLATE! Silly people. It is like they don't realize that even tho' folks may not come into contact with each other for the next, what? -- 4 to 6 weeks, that virus is still going to be out there when quarantine ends.

Me, I'd rather contract the bug, see if I survive and then move on. This virus has been equated to a flu virus. We all know how society handles that, with (yay) vaccines each year to maybe kinda sorta help people. Meaning, from my viewpoint, COVID19 will always be with us, but in mutated forms. To steal from most computer programs and apps, we'll have a COVID19.1 and a COVID19.6, etc.

I'm in a higher bracket for complications in this thing. Complications meaning death, being 60+ years old and being a Type 1 diabetic. Thus, even if I get thru this round, I'm still kinda frelled.

I suppose I'm somewhat blessed in one aspect. I am already a superb and experienced isolationist, so being separated from humanity won't be a big thing with this ol' boy. My only concern is getting my day-to-day necessities like food, toiletries, etc. Store stocks are being decimated by panic shopping. Maybe I could use all that hunt & trap knowledge I have gleaned thru Youtube and go out to harvest my own protein stuffs. Glazed rabbit? 🐇 Cajun fried squirrel? Baked squab? Frog's legs Florentine? 🐸

Anyhoo, I have my wunnerful kitty, Ricky, to keep me company and drive me nuts, so... All Is Good!!

Keep The Faith*


An Irascible SOB

Yup, that I am, or can be most times. 

Back in November of 2019, I received a notification from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) of a mini-audit of my tax return for 2018. It appears that they didn't believe how much rent I paid for that year and demanded proof.

Since I pay my rent online and have no cancelled cheques or official receipts, I was forced to download all my bank statements showing each month's rent payment. I sent out a package of paperwork at the beginning of December.

Yesterday, I got a reply. Three months later. All is well. The CRA accepted my proof and applied it to my 2018 return. A return I filed thirteen months ago.

Yadda. I had to smile at my irascibility when I read the letter I enclosed with the paperwork - right, and they returned the whole kit & kaboodle of papers I sent, which I now have to shred. Yadda. Here's the letter (with personal details blurred out:
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Something New

New day. February 4. I just spent around 45 minutes talking with Rob a few hours. Back. It was his 36th birthday on Feb 3. I titled this “Something New” because a phone call is truly something new for me!

I haven’t spoken with Rob in, what?? A very VERY long time! Months, even! So, for me to just pick up that 1 tonne piece of technology (the phone) and simply search & push a button to call my own son is an accomplishment, to say the least.

We chatted about our lives and just wtf is going on with each other. Our cats He’s now got 2. Cash his grey tabby and a new marmalade tabby - I’ve still only got my tuxedo, Ricky. We jabbered about his & Jenny’s purchase of a condo, which finally appears to be on it’s oh-so slow way to being built! And about their plot of acreage near Roblin ON and their plans for that. Of course, we jabbered about this, that and, naturally the ubiquitous other thing. It was wonderfully enjoyable, to say the very least!!

Once more, I am stupefied at the ease and simplicity that making a simple phone call is! To talk with Rob, even tho’ he’s a good 2 hours drive from here, is just that easy push of a coupla buttons... well, I occasionally wonder why I don’t do it more often! Outside of the long distance thing & cost, well, a phone call is tres simple.

Silly me. I can spend uber amounts of time online, on my computer, etc... but a phone call??!! EEK!! Run away! Run away!! Ahhhh, but I can be such a putz sometimes!! ;-)

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Social Media

Social media, aka Facebook. I'm not on those other connection platforms like Twitter or Instagram or Tumblr. All the "go-to" sites today.

I dropped FB on December 31, 2019. I am on a newer platform called MeWe ( https://mewe.com/i/robbsimpson - you gotta sign up to see) and I like it. I advertised my presence there on Facebook for 3 or 4 months before my FB departure. Only two of my FB "Friends" signed up at MeWe. One to check it out, and she said it was real lonely there. The other because she wanted to "stay in touch".

It can be lonely. I've got but four Contacts, as MeWe calls 'em. Three are family, my brother, a niece in California and a cousin in Minnesota. The last is a family friend, Rob's girlfriend's mum, the "stay in touch" person. My brother signed up because of a promo I put on FB for my fishing group on MeWe.

I haven't made or initiated any other contacts. Even tho' the site has 6 million+ subscribers, the vast majority -easily 80%- post shyte on their respective feeds. Most, I think, are there for the Groups end of the platform, topic specific groups. I even made two Groups of my own, one for Fishing Ottawa and the other for Ottawa Vapers. Neither of them have any members other than moi, but that is probably because of the "Ottawa" focuses. 

I did a little bit of research on different social media sites and discovered more than 50 different ones out there. Many were started up after the Facebook debacle in 2018 with the data mining & selling. MeWe promoted themselves as a truly anonymous place that does not collect nor sell users info. That remains to be seen, but I like its layout AND the fact that it is ad-free!

Blah blah. I also signed up at a site called Sharfly (don't ask me what that means, I don't know - https://sharfly.com/index.php/Sharflyme - again, gotta sign up to see!) It is very new and very empty. I'll keep it to see how it pans out.

I also have two Youtube channels, one for me and a 2nd to hopefully document my fishing in Ottawa come spring. So, it ain't like I've pulled up stakes in the social media world. I'm just going in different directions.

My personal Youtube channel:
My Fishing Ottawa with Greybeard Youtube channel:

Keep The Faith*



Good golly gosh! Does it ever change??!! I’m talking about sleep. Again! I get tired, I AM tired, but my brain simply wants to review the past few years (decades??) and transpose that upon possible future events. STFU, brain!!! I mean, really!

I be thinking about past aquarium set ups I’ve had. Then I wonder about this year’s. Then I go here and there and, yes, that other place. Bouncing around so frelling much that I get dizzy! And can NOT go to sleep!!

wtf. Like WTF, eh! Heck, Ricky is stretched out beside me on my bed, purring contentedly, eyes closed, almost mocking me in his repose. It’s a cat’s life, I s’pose. He’s stopped purring, so I guess he’s conked out now. And me??

Well, I am flummoxed and flabbergasted. And still tired! Perhaps I should do that which I rail against and talk to my doctor about some sort of sleep meds. My melatonin no longer works for me (I am up to 10 to 15 mg now), so that is out. I really dinna want anti-psychotics or depression shyte. Unless depression is the cause of my insomnia. Then, I may as well shoot myself. But, that would require me to jump thru hoops to get an FAC and spend mucho $$$ on a pew-pew & ammo. Then, I’d be really freaking depressed!!

}}}sigh{{{ It’s a sad life, Charlie Brown. Oh well. I, at least, had another opportunity to use my itty-bitty Bluetooth keyboard with my iPoop. Works kinda good. But, I can’t use the ctrl-b or i or u to bold or italicize or underline my text for emphasis. Needta tap the bloody screen icons for that!!!

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