An Irascible SOB

Yup, that I am, or can be most times. 

Back in November of 2019, I received a notification from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) of a mini-audit of my tax return for 2018. It appears that they didn't believe how much rent I paid for that year and demanded proof.

Since I pay my rent online and have no cancelled cheques or official receipts, I was forced to download all my bank statements showing each month's rent payment. I sent out a package of paperwork at the beginning of December.

Yesterday, I got a reply. Three months later. All is well. The CRA accepted my proof and applied it to my 2018 return. A return I filed thirteen months ago.

Yadda. I had to smile at my irascibility when I read the letter I enclosed with the paperwork - right, and they returned the whole kit & kaboodle of papers I sent, which I now have to shred. Yadda. Here's the letter (with personal details blurred out:
Keep The Faith*

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